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About Us

We're Developers

We like to tinker and develop applications, produce quality code and experiment with the newest tech. In addition to our own.

We're Lean

As every modern tech company in existence, so are we Agile and Lean. For example, we've learned to utilize Futurice's LSC toolkit in order to be able to create the best possible solutions.

We're Global

The data we use covers most of the known world. Want to make an application in your location? Let's do it.

Global 3D Web Map

Interested in taking a look how the world looks in 3D with your browser?


Our Works



CityInfo is a tool for aimed for municipalities to show their data and inform about plans



With MAPGETS 4D the spatio-temporal status can be visualized for example in construction sites and harbours



SmartSpace is a space utilization measurement toolkit

MAPGETS SDK for Developers

Interested in building your own apps with MAPGETS SDK?

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The site is up!

Greetings - and welcome to our brand new info site! We’re currently testing the features of this framework. So far, we’ve customized a theme by Themefisher Team. In addition: We’ve added contact details and some general info about our work. A MAPGETS 2D map that points to the location of our office has also been added. Also, a link to our platform, MAPGETS is added. This info site is mobile-friendly as well!

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Contact Details

These details will help you get in touch with us. We're based in Helsinki.

Osmontie 34, 00610 Helsinki, Finland
Phone: +358 10 4090
Email: mapgets@fcg.fi